The goal of the Washington State Society of Mayflower Descendants is to continue gaining and delivering knowledge of the passengers of the Mayflower and Speedwell Ships. Historical facts, insight, and perspective are essential to understanding decisions made 100’s of years ago that impact us to this day. When we talk about The Mayflower, we are discussing a journey of religious and self-awareness leading up to the 1620 journey across the ocean, writing The Mayflower Compact before disembarking and setting up a free colony.

Of all 122 Passengers on both The Mayflower and Speedwell, only 53 arrived in Plimouth, Massachusetts. The first winter the passengers stayed on The Mayflower and succumbed to a plague of diseases resulting in the loss of almost half of the passengers and crew. Of the 53 that arrived only 51 survived to carry on the mission to freedom.