Charter Member Table--with ancestors
Seattle Times - Mayflower Descendants - 1922 
Seattle Times - Governor-General Visits Washington - 1933
Membership Roster - 1933
New York Membership Roster - 1912

WA#/Name (Maiden Name)

Residence in 1912
Family Info



20 / Brewer, Mrs. Annette (Fitch) (1871 - 29OCT1960)

courtesy of A Mother's Love, pub. 1913

H: Isaac Curtis Brewer (div. 1904)

Everett - Lake Stevens area (R.F.D. #1)
H: Later married Frederick Nelson, moving back to Ashtabula, OH by 1930
Living in Ashtabula in 1933


Summary Bio

A book about Mrs. Brewer from Google (1911)

Reward Poster from Book showing Mrs. Brewer and her son

NY #1056 1Nov1911
She abducted her son from Ohio to live at Lake Stevens under an assumed name--went undetected for 4 1/2 yrs.

"Boyd [fake name] had learned history stories always very easily and I had read him constantly American and English history and he knew that his Grandmother Fitch was descended from Elder Brewster and his Grandfather Fitch from Gov. Bradford, so he thoroughly enjoyed this spectacular scene at the A. Y. & P. Exposition which made the old historical story so very realistic to this little boy of ten." (from the book) b. 1871 Ohio

Member 1933

8 / Caldwell, Ada Baxter(1880 - 15Jun1959 )

H: Henry Middleton White (1914) (d.10OCT1950)
616 Madison, Seattle
b. Wyo.

Graduated New Whatcom HS, 1899.
Obituary 16Jun1959

D.C. #235 8Nov1910
sister to CM Bertha H. Calvert (1900 census). Bertha witnesses her 2nd marriage to Henry M. White in 1914. Henry was commissioner of U.S. Immigration during 1919 Seattle General Strike
in 1912 she was cashier, McLaughlin Realty
son Henry M. b. 1920
Member 1933

14 / Calvert, Bertha H. (Caldwell)(1877 - 1943) H: William Florein Calvert
612 Madison, Seattle (1910)
5660 11th Ave NE Seattle (1923)
b. Wyo.
Death in Car Accident

D.C. #234 8Nov1910
sister to CM Ada Caldwell
( - d.13Dec1943) age 76, Seattle
Husband sues over accident (S.T. 12/16/43)
Member 1933

19 / Emerson, Frances Soule (Nov 1872 - Jan 1941)
courtesy of Polson     Museum  

H: Ralph Damon Emerson
Aloha, WA
nr Pacific Beach, WA

living at 502 Tenth St. in Hoquiam at her death

Wedding Gown Restored 2007
Museum of the North Beach

Obituary Jan. 1941

DC #256
later married to Josia Stearns
sister to CM Ida Soule Kuhn
Member 1933

18 / Enegren, Nina (Olds)

H: Robert Enegren
4741 7th Ave N.E. Seattle

Obituary 1959 Mass. #735 30Sep1902
b. Iowa
mother of CM Cecile Enegren Garland;
*D.A.R. 1911*
Resigned by 1933
21 / Foster, Mrs. Annie (Mitchell) (1877-1973)

H:William J.
111 8th St. Olympia
113 8th St. SE Olympia

Marriage Notice 1904 GSMD #3278
b. Mich. 1877 father was a physician
*D.A.R. 1911*
Resigned by 1933
11 / Garland, Mrs. Cecile Leffingwell (Enegren)

Cecile Enegren (b. 1886, Minn.) lives w/ parents at 4741 7th Ave NE, Seattle


Minn. #29 11Apr1908
(Mayflower Descendant: 1908) b. 1886 Minn.
dau. CM Nina Olds Enegren
Resigned by 1933

1 / Greene, Warren (1860 - 1935)

W: Etta T (b. 1872)
RES: 108 16th Ave N, Seattle

Obituary 1935

NY #938 2DEC1908
(b. 1860 NY), merchant wholesale shoes (NW Shoe Co.)
son Taylor(21), dau Grace(5), dau Marion and son Kenneth)
Member 1933

17 / Green, Georgianna Ring (Miss)(Mar 1853 - )

believed to have extensively traveled, not found in 1910 or later census; not found in Seattle address book.


Shows up in May, 1923 Seattle Times Society column as just arriving from China. NY #932 4Nov1908
b. Troy, NY; dau of Robert Green and Nancy Jane Ring; Robt. was wealthy furniture dealer in Troy
Resigned by 1933
16 / Ingersoll, Edward Reed ( - 1925) courtesy of Seattle Daily Times RES: 1525 35th Ave, Seattle Edward Ingersoll Dies in Accidental Shooting NY #1014 2Nov1910
brother to CM Elinor Ingersoll Thorne
Noted as Deceased in 1933
10 / Jennings, Mrs. Helen Richmond (Shaw)

H: Stephen Alston Jennings
RES: 903 Boylston, Seattle


b. New York, ca. 1867,
Jennings is 2nd marriage,
by 1920 moved to Grosse Pte. MI

NY #1009 13Sep1910
Resigned by 1933
3 / Kuhn, Ida (Soule) (May 1869 - Nov 1952)

courtesy of Polson Museum

courtesy of Polson Museum

H: Albert Henry Kuhn
RES: Hoquiam
b. Ill.
Bio as of 1903 DC #112
sister to CM Thomas Soule
sister to CM Sarah McMillan
*D.A.R. 1911*
Member 1933
9 / Kellet, Hanna Sisson (Mrs. Thomas Schenk) Wid of Thomas S. Kellet
RES: B4-1810 Bellevue Ave, Seattle
Obituary info D.C. #249 14Nov1911
Noted as Deceased in 1933
6 / Loose, Charlotte S. (Tilden)

H: Ursinus K. Loose
RES: 1411 Madison St. Seattle

*DAR 1911*
Member 1933
5 / McMillan, Sarah Soule

courtesy of Polson Museum
H:John G McMillan (dec.)
H: Henry Patten (later)
sister to CM Ida Soule Kuhn
sister to CM Thomas Soule
(D.A.R Vol..)

Member 1933
15 / Harriett Louisa (Knevals) Parkhurst (1860 - 1947)

H: Richard F. Parkhurst
RES: 534D 2nd Ave N, Seattle

Richard F. Parkhurst convicted of embezzlement 1909

Obituary Feb 1947

GSMD #848; CT #151

Member 1933

2 / Quigley, Jessamine Greene (1871 -1913) H: Andrew J,
acctnt EG Shorrock & Co.
RES: 1503 8th Ave W, 2 kids, Kenneth, Allan (both born Ind.)
(b. 1871 NY d. 1913 Seattle)
Obituary 1913
NY #988 6Apr1910
not closely related to Warren Greene
Noted as Deceased 1933
7 / Redfield, William Nye
W: Edith Sanderson (early WA pioneer arriving 1870);
RES: 802 Minor Ave, Seattle
Obituary 1943 MA #1030 1908
GSMD #2881

Member 1933
4 / Soule, Thomas Clement Hoquiam  

D.C. #237 14Mar1911
brother to CM Ida Soule Kuhn
brother to CM Sarah Soule McMillan
Member 1933

12 / Thorne, Mrs. Elinor H. Ingersoll

courtesy of Seattle Daily Times, 1923
H: Frank Arthur Thorne
1127 35th Ave. Seattle (DAR 1911)
Short Bio from D.A.R. Vol 40
b. Oberlin, Ohio
Copyrighted the song “The Dear Loved Hills of Tennessee”, 1919
GSMD #3280
N.Y. #1013 2Nov1910

D.A.R. number is next to CM Ida Kuhn
sister to CM Edward Reed Ingersoll

Member 1933
13 / Tilton, Mrs. Harriette Bailey Cottle (Norton) (1871- ) H: Benjamin Tilton (livery stable; real estate)
RES: 527 Boyleston, Seattle (1911)
RES: 1926 2nd Ave, Seattle
moved to Eagle Harbor by 1930
living in Winslow in 1933
Short Bio DAR 1904 Lineage Book GSMD #2524
*D.A.R. 1911*

Member 1933

H = Husband, W=Wife
No listed reference implies sourcing; addresses are from 1912 Polk Seattle Directory unless otherwise indicated