Books for the Interested

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A Guide to Plymouth's Historic Old Burial Hill - Stories from behind the gravestones Theodore P Burbank $14.95 Amazon
The Second Mayflower Kevin Swanson $14.99 Amazon;
Mayflower Families in Progress: William Bradford of the Mayflower Robert S. Wakefield
Picturing Duxbury's Past: The Pilgrim Village Jody Morgan $5.95 Amazon
Pilgrim Edward Winslow: New England's First International Diplomat: A Documentary Biography Jeremy Dupertuis Bangs Amazon
Pilgrim John Alden's Progress Roland Wells Robbins
Pilgrim Myles and Tom-T's Plymouth Adventure Activity/Coloring Book Louise Rumnock; Carol Yovanovich
Pilgrims at Prayer Alice C. Teal
Plymouth A Scenic Pictorial Guide
Plymouth Poppet The Adventures of a Young Girl in Plymouth Plantation 1623-1627 Margaret Tubbs Barton

Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans

Rush Limbaugh
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STRANGERS AND PILGRIMS, TRAVELLERS AND SOJOURNERS. Leiden and the Foundations of Plymouth Plantation Jeremy Dupertuis Bangs Amazon
The House of Edward Winslow Judith Haddock Swan Mayflower Book Store
Mayflower Families Through Five Generations
(Vol. 1: Francis Eaton Samuel Fuller William White)
Lucy Mary Kellogg  
Mayflower Families Through Five Generations
(Vol. 2: James Chilton Richard More Thomas Rogers)
Robert Moody Sherman $25.00  
Mayflower Families Through Five Generations
(Vol. 5: Edward Winslow John Billington)
Ruth McGuyre; Robert S. Wakefield $25.00  
Mayflower Families Through Five Generations
(Vol. 6: Stephen Hopkins)
John D. Austin $25.00  
Mayflower Families Through Five Generations
(Vol. 7: Peter Brown)
Robert S. Wakefield $25.00  
Mayflower Families Through Five Generations
(Vol. 12: Francis Cooke)
Ralph V. Woood $59.50  
Mayflower Families Through Five Generations
(Vol. 15: James Chilton and Richard More)
Robert M. Sherman; Verle D. Vincent; Robert S. Wakefield; Lydia D. Finlay $25.00  
Mayflower Families Through Five Generations
(Vol. 20: Henry Samson (Part 1))
Robert Moody Sherman; Ruth Wilder Sherman $25.00  
Pastimes of the Pilgrims Plimoth Plantation
A Guide to Historic Plymouth James Baker $19.99 Amazon
Cobblestone Pilgrims to a New World Carolyn P. Yoder Plimoth Plantation
Desperate Crossing The Untold Story of the Mayflower History Channel Amazon
Good Newes from New England Edward Winslow $8.95 Amazon
Harvest for the Years: The Alden Heritage in Pictures James W. Baker $15.00 Alden Kindred Gift Shop
Here Shall I Die Ashore: STEPHEN HOPKINS: Bermuda Castaway, Jamestown Survivor, and Mayflower Pilgrim. Caleb Johnson $21.99 Amazon
. . . If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620 Ann McGovern $5.99 Amazon
Investigating "The First Thanksgiving" Educ. Dept. Plimoth Plantation Plimoth Plantation
Journey to the New World Educ. Dept. Plimoth Plantation Plimoth Plantation
Life in 1627 Plymouth Educ. Dept. Plimoth Plantation $4.95 Plimoth Plantation
Love and Hate in Jamestown: John Smith, Pocahontas, and the Heart of a New Nation David Price $29.95 Amazon
Many Thanksgivings: Teaching Thanksgiving Plimoth Plantation
Martin's Hundred (The Discovery of a Lost Colonial Virginia Settlement) Ivor Noel Hume $25.00 Amazon
Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War Nathaniel Philbrick $18.68 Amazon
Mayflower: The Voyage that Changed the World Anthea Ballam $17.95 Amazon
Memory's Nation: The Place of Plymouth Rock John Seelye $55.00 Amazon
Mourt's Relation: A Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Anonymous $9.95 Amazon
N.C. Wyeth's Pilgrims Robert San Souci $6.95 Amazon
Of Plymouth Plantation 1620-1647 William Bradford Amazon
One Hundred & Eleven Questions and Answers Concerning the Pilgrims Muttart, William P.; Ashley, Linda R. Plimoth Plantation
On The Mayflower Kate Waters $16.95 Amazon
Plimoth Plantation Coloring Book Carolyn Freeman Travers Plimoth Plantation
Plimoth Plantation Museum Guidebook Plimoth Plantation
Plymouth Colony: Its History and People Eugene Aubrey Stratton $19.95 Amazon
Plymouth in the Words of Her Founders Dr. Paul Jehle; Paul Jehle $10.00 Amazon
Saints and Strangers George F. Willison Amazon
Samuel Eaton's Day: A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Boy Kate Waters $4.55 Amazon
Sarah Morton's Day: A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Girl Scholastic Inc. $5.99 Amazon; Plimoth Plantation
Stepping Stones: The Pilgrims' Own Story Adelia White Notson $19.95 Amazon
Teaching About Thanksgiving With Favorite Picture Books Immacula A. Rhodes $11.99 Amazon
The Bradford Heritage: How the Light of Liberty Came to America J. Allyn Bradford
The Pilgrim Migration Robert Charles Anderson New England Hist. Gen. Soc.; Library of Congress
The Thanksgiving Primer Carolyn Freeman Travers Plimoth Plantation
The Landing of the Pilgrims (Landmark Books) James Daugherty $5.99 Amazon
The Mayflower and Her Passengers Caleb H. Johnson $21.99 Amazon
The Name of War: King Philip's War and the Origins of American Identity Jill Lepore $15.95 Amazon
The Pilgrim Reader George F. Willison; George F Willison Amazon
The Story of the Pilgrims (Dover Coloring Book) Fran Newman-D'Amico $3.95 Amazon
The Thanksgiving Activity Book (Grades K-2) Deborah Schecter $8.95 Amazon
The Times of Their Lives James Deetz Library of Congress
Toys and Games from Times Past...and Still Enjoyed Today
William Mullins Pilgrim Father Pam Hunter
You Wouldn't Want To Sail On The Mayflower!: A Trip That Took Entirely Too Long (You Wouldn't Want to...) Peter Cook; David Salariya $9.95 Amazon