1933 Membership Directory

Attached are three PDF files of the 1933 membership book for the Society. The book is 38 pages, consisting first of a section regarding the Mayflower Compact. Next is a listing of Mayflower passengers with proven descent. This is followed by a discussion of the General Society, its officers, and all state officers. Then the Washington By-Laws are posted, followed by the Washington officers, Board of Assistants, and lastly, a membership roster.
The roster was originally the property of Mrs. Niles A. Thompson, who kept an extensive scrapbook of Washington Mayflower activities.

In the attached PDFs, only the membership roster pages are shown for the first two. There were 61 people listed as active members.

PDF of Membership (2.5MB)  Searchable PDF of Membership (4.0MB)

Full Membership Directory (16.6MB)