Application Information

So you have an interest in becoming a member?

You will need to research your ancestors from yourself back to the Mayflower Passenger. A listing of the types of document which may be used to confirm ancestry for membership is located on the Documentation Requirements page. If you know of a blood relative who has been or is a member of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants from any state, then the General Society Mayflower application & application number can be used for some of your generations back to the Mayflower Passenger. If that is the case, you will need to inform the Washington State Historian of your ancestor's name, state of membership and the year they joined the Society if known. If not all the facts are known then provide the information you have available.

During your research process be sure to check the General Society of Mayflower Descendants publications of the Five Generations Books.  In most cases this will give you a full five generations down including the Passenger and sometimes the children of the 6th generation are listed.

To aid in your research, the General Society in Massachusetts offers an optional lineage review. There is a $25.00 fee per inquiry for this service. If you would like to take advantage of this service, link to the General Society Preliminary Review Form online, follow the instructions on their site, and submit it. It will be reviewed and within three to six weeks you will receive a report on the findings with instructions on how to proceed. The General Society's Historian staff will review the information to see if a previously approved lineage contains any of the same ancestors as your lineage review. Providing proof for six or more generations can typically be eliminated using this review process. Please note: The lineage review is not a required item. If you have a reasonable basis to believe that you are descended from a Mayflower passenger, you are welcome to contact our Historian without the review.

After completing your research and knowing you have access to all required documents then complete our Preliminary Application Form with the names of your ancestors beginning with the Mayflower Passenger, including any spouse name. (Note: the form is interactive--you may type on the form, then print or save it as desired). Place the carry-line ancestor on the left side of this form. Follow the instructions on the form for sending to the Historian. He/she will reply to you with further instructions.

In summary, the sequence would be (with no issues of documentation of ancestry):

  1. Create a list of ancestors back to your Mayflower passenger ancestor;
  2. Contact the Historian, then fill in our Preliminary Application Form; and send it to the Historian for further action.
  3. The Historian will reply with what's next in terms of documentation required and detail on your ancestors--return that information with your applicable fees.
  4. The Historian will return a formal application for you to sign--and it will be sent to the General Society for approval.
  5. After formal review, you'll be contacted about approval or any further information required.

To understand the application sequence in further detail, you may wish to read the Application Process and Advice page.