Application Process and Advice

This information is designed to help you better understand the application process, and facilitate your application submission. After hearing from the Historian regarding your submission of the Preliminary Application Form, you will be provided with a formal application Worksheet. When the Worksheet is completed, you return it together with two copies of documentation, and the appropriate application fee. If the documentation is accepted, an Official Application will be filled out and sent to you to sign. The Official Application together with one set of documents is sent to the Historian General. If accepted, approved lineage papers will be returned for your election into the General and Washington Societies of Mayflower Descendants.

Applicants are expected to present documentation which proves the line-carrier in each generation. An applicant proving his or her connection to a previously approved lineage must supply the necessary documents for each generation showing proof of parentage for the line-carrier and all available information for the spouse. Documentation that was not provided for a previously approved lineage (regardless of when it was approved) will be required when new applications are made on that same line. "Documentation" is different from "statements of fact." It comprises copies of legal and civil records made at the time of the event. As far as practicable, proof of lineage should be documented by primary sources. Use of pertinent primary sources guarantees an approval. Lineage dependent upon secondary sources may or may not be acceptable. Secondary material may be used to supplement the primary source material. The Historian can assist in this area.

Here are some examples of the types of documentation that may be used in the Mayflower Society Application.

Other Advice:

  • Send only copies, not original documents. We do not return materials sent to the Society.

  • Copy small pieces of paper onto 8 " x 11" or 8 " x 14" inch sheets to assist organization of material.

  • We discourage alterations to documents, including the use of colored highlighters.

  • Do not staple or insert documents in a binder.

  • Stack the documents in the order of the worksheet.

  • You need not send your papers by certified or registered mail. First Class is sufficient.

  • Retain copies of everything!

Note: the General Society of Mayflower Descendants now requires full documentation of the last three (3) generations (yourself, your parents and your grandparents) including ALL spouses.